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ZIP Extractor Tips

File Name

The File Name will pull in directly from the ZIP file that is uploaded.

Open File

Click the Open File button to bring up the file picker on your device. The supported file formats that are on your device will be available to opened in Zipdoc.

Save to Drive

Click the Save to Drive button to save the selected files in your Drive account. Google will prompt you to allow access to your account so the files can be saved.


The Download button does just that, downloads the selected files to your device.


The Plus button creates a new doc in a new tab. This is helpful if you'd like a clean page for uploading a new ZIP file.

Unique URLs

Each Zipdoc has a unique url that can be bookmarked and saved for later use. Users can use the same URL to upload and extract different ZIP files.

Multiple File Formats

Zipdoc can extract multiple file formats from ZIP files which can be downloaded or saved to Drive. These include doc, csv, mp4, json, jpg, pptx, docx, jpg, png, gif, xlsx, pdf and more.

Gmail / Drive Add-On

Get our Gmail or Drive add-on which allows users to open and extract ZIP files right from their Gmail or Drive accounts.

Other Tools

Textdoc - A secure web app that allows you to create, edit, share and save text files to your device or to Google Drive as an editable Doc.

Channels - Organize conversations into topic specific, shareable chat rooms.

Fancy Text Generator - A fancy text generator that turns plain text to fancy text that can be copied and used anywhere.