ZIP File Extractor

A secure web app that allows you to open ZIP files and extract the contents to your device or to Google Drive.

Open a new ZIP file by clicking the Open ZIP File button below.

Open ZIP File

Features of ZIP Doc

Efficient Loading

Since ZIP Doc loads each ZIP file in the browser and not on a server, ZIP files can be opened very efficiently and quickly. The contents of the ZIP files are never saved anywhere and are only accessible to the user who opened the ZIP file.

Unique URLs

Each ZIP Doc has a unique URL which can be saved or bookmarked for later use. Since the opened ZIP files are not saved on a server, users can re-upload new ZIP files multiple times.

Dowloadable Files

ZIP Doc allows users to download any and all file types within a ZIP file to the device. This means that these file types and more and be saved any time - doc, csv, mp4, json, jpg, pptx, docx, jpg, png, gif, xlsx, pdf.

Google Drive

Extract and save important files in Google Drive as individual files rather than an uneditable ZIP file. Zip extractor Google Drive allows users to unzip online Google Drive to save important files.

Upload & Share

After you extract your files, upload and share files up to 10 MB through a shareable url accessible to anyone with the url. All uploaded files are automatically deleted from the server after 30 days.

All Platforms

Meant to be an alternative to WinZip (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android), ZIP Doc is available on all platforms because it's a web app on all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge.

How to use ZIP Doc

  1. First, click the Open ZIP File button above.
  2. When the prompt appears, click Yes to open the ZIP File on ZIP Doc.
  3. Then a file picker will allow you to pick your ZIP file that you want to work with.
  4. Once the ZIP file is opened in ZIP Doc, use the check boxes to select the files that you'd like to extract.
  5. Then, either click the download button to download the files to your device or click the Save to Drive button to save on Drive.

Use Cases for ZIP Doc

Unzipping ZIP Files

Gmail and Google Drive do not allow users to unzip ZIP files, so ZIP Doc can do this for you. ZIP Doc allows users to unzip ZIP files in order to interact with the files contained in the ZIP file.

Extracting ZIP Files.

ZIP Doc allows users to download any files contained in the ZIP file to their device or to Google Drive.

Unique Unzipping URLS

ZIP Doc gives users a unique URL that can be bookmarked and reused anytime they need to unzip a ZIP File or extract files from a ZIP File.

Sharing Files

Upload and share files through a unique, shareable url. Files are hosted for 30 days then automatically removed from the server.

What is a Zip File Extractor?

A zip file extractor is an online software tool designed to open and extract the contents of zip files, which are compressed archives of large files. The smaller and more compact Zip file is then used to more efficiently store or transfer the files.

In order to open a Zip file, you will need a zip file extractor to unzip it, which will give you access to the individual files and folders contained within the zip file. This is useful when trying to share large files, multiple files or would like to organize files into a single zip file.

The best known zip file extractor is WinZip, which is a popular software for creating and extracting zip files, however it's famously hard to use and hard to get a free trial. If you'd like to try Winzip, you can search for terms like WinZip download or free WinZip or you can use Zipdoc for free right in your browser.

If you're using a Mac computer, you can search for terms like unzipper Mac or free unzip program to find a solution that works on a Mac but Zipdoc is also free and usable right in your browser on a Mac.

If you're looking for a general zip file opener, you can search for phrases like free zip file opener or zip extractor but again Zipdoc is free for any users and available as a web app in any browser on any platform whether that be Mac, Windows or Chrome OS. It's also available as a Google Drive add-on in the Google Workspace Marketplace.

In summary, a zip file extractor makes working with large files and multiple files easier by compressing them into a single zip file. Zipdoc is a free and convenient way to manage and manipulate zip files.