Upload & Share Files

A secure web app that allows users to upload and share files for free.

Select files to share by clicking the Upload & Share button below.

Features of Upload & Share


Uploading files is easy, quick, free and allows users to then share files like any other file share site. Users can send large files free of charge over and over.

Unique URLs

Each time files are upload, users are given a unique URL which can be used to share files, save file or bookmark URLs for later use. Additonal unique URLs are available if sharing more than one set of files.

Dowloadable Files

Upload & Share allows users to download any and all file types that are shared via the unique sharing url. The share file types include doc, csv, mp4, json, jpg, pptx, docx, jpg, png, gif, xlsx, pdf.

Send Large Files Free

Upload & Share let's users share files up to 10 MB through each shareable url accessible to anyone. Users can use multiple share URLs to share a file if needed.

File Deletion

After uploading files with our file share tool, the files are automatically deleted from the server after 30 days. This auto deletion features keeps your files safe.

All Platforms

Upload & Share is a web app where users can share a file and made available on all platforms and on all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge.

How to use Upload & Share

  1. First, click the Upload & Share button above.
  2. When the file picker appears, select the files you will be uploading.
  3. Then a unique sharing URL will open with your share files.
  4. The unique URLs then can be shared or saved.
  5. The share files will be available on the URLs for 30 days.

Use Cases for Share & Upload


The process of uploading files to share them can be cumbersome. Upload & Share makes it quick and easy.

Send Large Files Free

Many communcation platforms have strict limits on file share. Use our web app to share files up to 10 MB per unique URL.

Storing Files

With the proliferation of Chromebooks, on device storage can be limited. File share without those limits and save your space.

What is a Uploading and Share Files?

Uploading and Sharing Files is the process of transferring files from one user or system to another. This can involve a variety of file types, including documents, images, videos, and more. The process usually includes uploading which is the act of sending files from a local device or computer to a remote server or platform. The user starts this process by choosing to upload files.

After the user is done uploading, they can share files through a unique URL with friends, family, work colleagues or post them in a forum. This allows the user to share a file with anyone that they choose. Some platforms allow users to send large files free which is very useful due to restriction on file size of many email platforms, chat apps and forums. Sharing a file or files is as easy as sending or posting the unique which allows recipients to view, download, or collaborate on the shared files.

To maintain security and privacy, file-sharing services often provide options for access control and delete files after a certain limited time frame. This might also include setting permissions such as read-only, edit, or download access. Uploading and sharing files are fundamental actions in modern digital collaboration, enabling seamless information exchange and collaboration among individuals or teams, whether for work, education, or personal use.

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